What You Need to Know

For some background information, you may visit the initial central website for Agile Coach Camps. In the meanwhile you can find such camps in many different locations, many of them  in Europe, but also across other continents.

Briefly, what is it?:

  • It is a non-profit event for Agile Coaches, Coaches, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, basically everyone who works with change around teams and organizations. While their background used to be software development (hence “Agile”), we believe this is not limited anymore to software or IT, but ever area, where we try to make life and work a better place, through better collaboration, more inspiration and joint adaptation.
  • It is a place to share, learn, have fun, meet new people, grow
  • It is an Open Space formatted event – no pre-defined agenda, just motivated people, who bring their experience, their knowledge, their passion. Sessions are defined at the event via a facilitated ceremony.

While we prepare for the event, more information about the event, about the location, how to get there, etc. will be posted.


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