2014 will be the starter for the Austrian Agile Coach Camp

Yes, we will do it – we: Mike Leber, Veronika Kotrba and Ralph Miarka. We are about to prepare everything for #accAT14. We have two time slots reserved – one in June, the other in September. And we currently check out alternatives for a nice place somewhere in the area of Vienna, e.g. Burgenland (near lake Neusiedl) or in Lower Austria.

Seats will be limited and we expect people with many diverse backgrounds around Agile Coaching, but also facilitating and coaching around change in general. Because Agility is not only targeting at software development anymore. It is rather a synonym for adapting to ever speeding up change, whether as individuals, teams or whole organizations.

So we’d be happy to welcome people from allover Europe, from out of Europe and of course from the near surroundings of Austria, such as Hungary, Slovakia or Czech Republic.

Stay tuned! Detailed information available soon.
Oh yes, with more details we will also launch a prettier theme for this site 😉


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